Due to the large rise in violent crimes worldwide we have been guided by source to recruit light workers
determined to take a bite at crime worldwide.

We are recruiting a group of Gifted Intuitives, Clairvoyants & Remote Viewers to combat crime
by using abilities to investigate cases.

This site will manage and coordinate psychic investigations for various violent crimes,
murders, kidnappings and rapes.

We are open to dealing with Law Enforcements of any country interested working with us
to combat their crime situations. You have nothing to loose by contacting us.

If you are a Psychic with high accuracy level and/or a trained Remote Viewer you can be part
of our team. Donate your time to helping work with cases that we receive and receive immense
gratitude from the universe. We all know how it works. We are the Metaphysical Pioneers and
here to make a difference to the world. We are the light bearers in these dark times ridden by
crime and violence worldwide.

We will use our collective gifts, abilities & skills to help people in distress.

Psychics Contact Us at:

Police/Law Enforcement/Media Contact Us Here:

All help we give is FREE